About Peter Hirst What is Coaching?    

Do you know what you want but are facing challenges getting it?

Do your goals in life and business seem to get further from reach each day?

Are you finding yourself wishing there are more hours in the day so you can find some time to relax?

Are both you and your business realising their full potential, or do you want better things?

Is a burnout just around the corner?

...Coaching could be the answer

Coaching is about change and growth and by appraising your own situation, you will be able to reach your goals.

Coaching can give you the confidence, support and encouragement to get more of what you want from life:
improve working relationships
increase effectiveness at work
earn more money
become healthier
just enjoy life more

Coaching will help you to identify barriers that are stopping you from achieving your goals. It will help you to move out of your comfort zone and enjoy new challenges.

Coaching is not advice and is not judgemental - it is a tool to help you to help yourself.

Personal Life Coaching
Increase your self-confidence
Find time for fitness
Manage your time better
Prioritise life's 'complications'
Simply finish a project

Small Business Coaching
Plan your next career move
Develop long-term strategies
Find that work life balance
Grow your business
Make sales soar
Delegate and share

Coaching is completely confidential. I am bound by the ethical guidelines and code of conduct drawn up by my two accrediting organisations The Coaching Academy and Noble Manhattan Coaching. These include treating clients at all times with respect, ensuring coaching is suitable for them and continuing professional development.


Dr Peter John Hirst - Life, Corporate and Executive Coach
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